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Fall Fun at Houston PreSchool
Fall Fun at Houston PreSchool
Preschool is an exciting place to be!


We started our year with a Back to School Night where parents could bring their children to school to meet the teachers, check out the classroom, and drop off school supplies. It was well attended.
Our first session has been very busy with visits from the fire fighters and the fire truck, a field trip to a farm, fall walks, visits to the city park, a haunted house in our classroom, and a Halloween party.

Going on a field trip!

We have also read many fun stories and done some very creative artwork. Some of the preschool student’s favorite stories have been: Cookie’s Week, Fire Truck, Go Away Big Green Monster, The Monster at the End of This Book, and There Was An Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid Of Anything. 

Snack time

Halloween Fun!

We ate pumpkins for snack. They were made from Cuties and a green tootsie roll. We even used mini chocolate chips to make faces on them! 

Playing in green slime! 

Happy Halloween from the 2K Preschool Class!

And the 1K Preschool Class! 


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