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We Love Our Veterans
We Love Our Veterans - The "Heart & Sole" of Our Country

The annual Veteran’s Day Program was held at Houston Elementary School on Wednesday, November 11th in the Elementary Gym. All Veterans, active service members, and community members were invited to attend this meaningful celebration to honor those who have served our country. 

Veterans and active service members were dressed in uniform and sat in the front of the gymnasium as they were honored by a program filled with recognition, remembrance, student-written poems, songs, and sincere, heartfelt thanks.  Please take a moment to watch the video below, which highlights small parts of today's ceremony.


“It takes courage for a soldier to risk life and limb for his country. The least we civilians can do is to honor these heroes.That is the basis of the Veterans Day celebration. Venerate these great men and women with words of appreciation.The edifice of our society stands on the martyrdom of these selfless souls.” (source)

May we all be reminded of our duty towards our country, and be inspired to uphold the tradition of liberty, fraternity, and equality. 

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