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Houston Elementary - 4th Year Reward School Celebration
Congratulations to Houston Elementary - 4th Year Reward School Celebration
Thursday, January 22, 2015:  Houston Elementary School celebrated its 4th consecutive year being designated by The Minnesota Department of Education as a Minnesota Rewards School. The celebration began with Principal Bartz and Superintendent Abraham speaking in the Elementary Gymnasium.  Students and guests then proceeded outside to witness the unveiling of the new banner, and then all joined together for refreshments.

What is a Reward School?
The schools on the 2014-2015 Reward School List are Minnesota’s highest performing Title I schools. These schools have demonstrated exceptional student outcomes and success in closing achievement gaps. Reward schools are recognized annually. In addition, some Reward schools have shown sustained success and have been recognized multiple years.

How are Reward Schools Rated?
These schools are the top 15 percent of Title I schools based on the MMR. They represent the highest-performing schools on the four domains in the MMR. Currently, the reward for these schools mainly comes through public recognition. The Minnesota Department of Education plans to share practices from these schools with Priority and Focus schools in an effort to replicate best practices across the state. These schools are identified annually. 

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