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Erica Upton-Wurst Receives Breaking Barriers Award
Dance Coach Erica Upton-Wurst Receives Breaking Barriers Award
Some of Minnesota’s most inspiring and influential student-athletes, coaches and athletic leaders were recognized at an award ceremony on Wednesday, Feb. 4, 2015, at the Minnesota History Center.  

Houston Public School's Dance Team coach, Erica Upton-Wurst received the 
Breaking Barriers Award which “is designed for individuals or organizations that have broken barriers, overcome challenges and/or strive to provide athletic opportunities for girls and women of all races, all ages, and all levels of ability.”

The award ceremony was conducted in conjunction with the annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day, a nationwide celebration recognizing the accomplishments of individuals in the promotion and advancement of girls’ and women’s sports. (credit)

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The video below shares more information about National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

Congratulations, Erica!  

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