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Science Fair Project Portfolio
Science Fair Project Portfolio
(3/19/2015)  The Science Fair, held on Thursday, March 19th at the Elementary school, was very well attended.  
The Houston Elementary Teachers would like to recognize and thank the Science Fair judges Ann and Mike Markegard, Acentek employees Mike Berg and John Tabbert, Audrey Hegland, Brian Lee, and Michaeleen Bonner. Thank you!

In case you were unable to attend the Science Fair, here is a sample of a few of the fantastic projects!
     3rd Grade

3rd Grade - 1st Place Winner Violet - "Frozen"

2nd place:Trevor, 3rd Place:Alex, 1st Place:Violet

     4th Grade

4th Grade - 1st Place Winner Kayleen - "Are Fingerprints Hereditary?"

3rd Place:Lilly, 2nd Place:Sydney, 1st Place:Kayleen

     5th Grade

5th Grade - 1st Place Winner Kenny - "Marketing #weaim@you"

2nd Place:Erin, 3rd Place:Elli, 1st Place:Kenny

     6th Grade

6th Grade - 1st Place Winner Emma *  Grand Champion  * - "Testing to the Beat"

2nd Place:Allison, 1st Place:Emma, 3rd Place:Richelle & Becca


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