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Houston ISD 294 Master Facility Plan
Houston ISD 294 Master Facility Plan
We at Houston Public Schools are very proud of our school facilities. We owe a great deal to past Boards of Education and to the community for their forethought in constructing, maintaining and financially supporting the buildings we have. However, as is true with all buildings, if they are not maintained, they will not endure the test of time. For example, about thirty years ago the 1957 section of the current high school was remodeled with new windows and a stucco façade, a façade that is now deteriorating at the ground level. We would like these buildings to be used for generations to come; therefore, we knew it was time to research the best plan for ensuring the longevity of our buildings.
For the past nine months, Houston Public Schools has been working on a Master Facility Plan with the assistance of Unesco, a Minnesota consulting firm.  Over that time, Unesco has done a comprehensive facility analysis of all the district’s buildings and has identified numerous deferred maintenance needs, energy efficiency upgrades, indoor air quality improvements, exterior safe-facility enhancements, and interior remodeling opportunities. 
The District’s Facilities Committee has had numerous scope discussion workshops with Unesco reviewing the District’s immediate, mid-term and long-term facility needs.  These discussions have focused on necessary improvements and upgrades that will have a positive impact on reducing operating costs while at the same time improving the overall learning environments.  The Facilities Committee has studied the Unesco proposals and has made a recommendation to the full School Board for approval.  At a Special Meeting on Thursday, July 25 the School Board approved a resolution authorizing the execution of a Professional Services Agreement with Unesco, Inc. to assist the District in proceeding with deferred maintenance and indoor air quality projects in its facilities.
Project Finance
As is true with all conversations about improvements within the district, the desire to maintain or reduce the tax implication to the community is vital in any decision. The 2015 legislature passed new legislation recently that changed how the school districts’ facilities projects are funded and financed.  Fortunately, the new legislation includes a state equalized portion of any tax impact of the projects.  The District’s Finance Committee and full Board were informed on Tuesday, June 16 that District 294’s equalization component will be approximately 90%.  Meaning, for every dollar of local tax for the project, the State will pay approximately $0.88, and local taxes will not have to be raised at all.

 Project Scope
The scope of work being recommended for consideration includes the following projects:
High School
  • Safe building entrance renovation
  • Lighting system upgrades
  • Ventilation improvements
  • Gymnasium bleacher replacement and floor refinishing
  • Window and exterior wall replacement
  • DCD space remodel
  • Control system re-commissioning
 Elementary School
  • Safe building entrance renovation
  • Ventilation system replacement
  • Central dehumidification
  • Roof replacement
  • Boiler replacement
  • Lighting system upgrades
  • Direct digital control installation
  • Replace older roof area with a "lifetime" sloped metal roof installation
  • Multi-purpose room expansion
 Early Childhood Center
  • Basement window replacement
  • Lighting system upgrade
  • Mechanical improvements
 Bus Garage  
  • Sloped-roof improvements to protect the entire length of the buses
The Board has approved the multi-purpose room expansion although it is not included in the new legislative equalization funding so other funding mechanisms will need to be found for that project.
For any questions regarding the approved projects please contact Superintendent Krin Abraham and/or the Board members.

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