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Superintendent Welcome
From the Superintendent
Some of you might have seen a commercial on television put on by Education Minnesota. In the commercial different teachers are talking about the fact that they missed the students during the summer and are looking forward to the year starting so they can see the students again. I echo this sentiment. Even though the summer was a time to get many things done that could not be finished as easily during the school year, that hustle and bustle is not as much fun as the activity that comes when the students return in the fall. Since fall sports started a bit early this year, that activity started earlier in August as well. As the volleyball and football teams start coming to school to practice, the anticipation of the upcoming year becomes heightened as well.  The students’ laughter and conversations bring the buildings back to life again, and I look forward to the first day of school when the buildings are once again full of students and staff.
I am looking forward to the upcoming year and watching as the students and staff strive to continue to improve. We have strong schools in Houston, schools of which we can be very proud. Schools become strong schools when the students, staff, parents, and community all have a single focus to help each student reach his or her potential. We are so fortunate that focus is shared among all in the community. The positive comments I have heard during my first year as superintendent have made me feel very grateful to say that I am a member of this school and community where education and our children are valued.

The students will see some changes as they come back this year. New faces will replace staff members who have retired. It was bittersweet to see long-time staff members retire, but we are excited about the new staff who have been hired to replace them. Last year, the elementary students all had Chromebooks; this year the high school students have the same opportunity. With the added computers, we also upgraded the Internet infrastructure in both the elementary and high school buildings. We are hopeful the improvements will be welcomed by students and staff alike. Every change we are making is an attempt to make our schools even better. I want to ensure that Houston Public Schools remains a school district of which everyone can be proud.

Our website has a list of just a few of the accomplishments of our students and staff. As this year starts, that list will continue to grow. Read this website to hear about some of the great things that are happening at Houston Public Schools. On the website in the Quicklinks section, the Feedback and Question Form is one of the links listed. Anyone may use this form to ask a question or to provide a comment to the district. All questions and comments will receive a response. Of course, everyone is welcome to come to the school in person as well. I look forward to continuing to hear from the community as well.
Krin Abraham

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