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HHS 1:1 Chromebook Initiative
Leading In Learning - the 1:1 Chromebook Initiative at HHS
 "The Chromebook initiative at Houston High School is off to a great start!", reports Houston High School Principal Todd Lundberg. "Putting a device in each student’s hands is a great benefit for the students and teachers. No more checking out computer lab carts or signing up for the lab room. Students are able to use their Chromebook anytime throughout the day without limit, as always with a few exceptions. Given the fact that these Chromebooks use the Google Cloud resources, our students are able to access all of their account information from anywhere they have computer and Internet access. They do not have to have their school Chromebook with them."

Mr. Lundberg expressed appreciation regarding the additional duties that Mrs. Cindy Flatin has taken on with the setup of the “Chromebook Kingdom”, as well as her daily check in and check out procedures.  In Principal Lundberg's words, “Mrs. Flatin has done an absolutely superb job!”
Library paraprofessional Mrs. Flatin really appreciates everyone’s patience as we all become used to the handing out and turning in of the Chromebooks. She said, “Everyone is patient in waiting their turn, there is no pushing or shoving, no yelling….just students waiting their turn or returning later to pick it up if the bell/music has played.” She would also like to mention, when turning in the Chromebooks please be aware of how high they are being stacked and to please use the tables if her desk is getting too congested. Remind your friends!  We all want the Chromebooks to last a long time, so being careful with them is the key. “I appreciate everyone’s help as we all adjust.”

Marty Momsen, Science teacher at HHS, has this to say about the Chromebook initiative:
“If at first you don’t succeed, call it version 1.0.  This year HHS has begun version 2.0 of technology integration.  Students have been assigned personal Chromebooks that they are allowed to use throughout the academic day.  In addition, the WIFI connectivity has been improved so students are able to be online in a matter of seconds and working on their lessons in the same amount of time it would have taken them to open a book."

Here are just a few things that students had to say:
  • “Computers help me research.”
  • “There are great math websites.”
  • “The Chromebooks help with organization and composing papers.”
  • “I really enjoy how interactive the computers are!”
  • “It’s nice to have a computer where I can type up the answers I am looking for.”
  • “Having a Chromebook is handy.  I think it’s an overall improvement for the whole school.”
Mr. Momsen continues, "As a teacher, I have enjoyed the reduction in downtime and the ease of which I can get to student work.  The students are beginning to use their Chromebook to find science answers on their own.  I do, however, wait in trepidation for the first student excuse, “The dog ate my computer!”
The Chromebook initiative is another great example of Leading In Learning at Houston Public School District.  Thank you to all involved!


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