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Nobel Conference
HHS Students Attend 51st Nobel Conference

The 51st Nobel Conference at Gustavus Adolphus College was held on October 6th and 7th.  The topic this year was: “Addiction: Exploring the Science and Experience of an Equal Opportunity Condition.”


Addiction permeates our society. With the scourge of methamphetamine, increasing use of heroin, and the ubiquity of alcohol, addiction is an “equal opportunity condition.” The substances and behaviors to which people become addicted continue to grow as well, with investigations into the possibilities of addictions to food, the Internet, and sex. But what does it mean to be addicted? Is it a brain condition? A psychological and sociological problem? What are the treatment options available? How do the various understandings of addiction influence public policy decisions?

The conference brought together experts in medicine, neuroscience, sociology, economics, and philosophy to explore the science and experience of addiction.  

Teachers Mrs. Jacqueline Mathers and Mr. Marty Momsen wrote curriculum last summer to help students understand the science and sociology of addiction.  They were able to attend the two day conference with eighteen High School students through grant funding.  

They are pictured with Dr. Carl Hart, a leading neuroscientist and author.

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