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Unity Day at HHS
Together Against Bullying - Unity Day 2015

Today was Unity Day at Houston Public Schools. This day is important to encourage everyone to come together against bullying and be united in kindness. Unity Day is sponsored by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

How can you help? Understand that bullying is not a conflict between two people. Bullying is about one person having power over another and using that to his or her advantage. As a result, realize that assuming bullying is a private matter between the bully and the victim is a mistake. Think about how you would want others to respond if you were being bullied. Would you want someone to say something? Would you want someone to get an adult? Would you want someone to show empathy or compassion? When you realize that that bullying is a painful experience with significant consequences, you will be more apt to help others.

Mrs. Crystal Sobotta, HHS School Counselor, thanked everyone for their help with Unity Day today. She says, "Although it is only one day, I hope this message of kindness, acceptance and inclusion carries throughout the school year!"

Here are a few comments from our students regarding bullying:

  • Be nice. Stand up for people.
  • Be nice and not just stand by. Instead help them and compliment the person being bulled.
  • Give the bullied words of encouragement and a smile.
  • Stop being mean to people and be their friend.
  • Include everyone in activities and group things. Let them know that they are there and not forgotten.

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