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Solo and Ensemble Contest
HHS Band Members Excel at the Section 1A Solo and Ensemble Contest

The HHS Band did very well at the Section 1A Solo and Ensemble Contest held Thursday, April 14 at Rushford-Peterson High School.

The students received 7 Superior Ratings and 10 Excellent ratings.

Students are scored on a 40 point scale and they need to get 35 or higher to receive a Superior.

Excellent ratings are for scores of 28 – 34.

Receiving Superiors were:
-Kelly Jerviss, French Horn Solo          
-Justin Cripps, Trombone Solo
-Micah Schutte, Trombone Solo          
-Amber Chapel, Clarinet Solo
-Noah Carlson, Tympani Solo              
-Kelly Jerviss & Jessica Kitching, French Horn Duet
-Nick Erickson & Noah Carlson, Percussion Duet

Earning Excellents were:
-Brandon Grupe, Trumpet Solo                     
-Maria Esch, Tenor Sax Solo
-Alicia Smith, Flute Solo                              
-Morgan Beckman, Oboe Solo
-Gretchen Hill & Kate Thompson, Flute Duet
-Brynne Schultz/Lilli Carlson/Alyssa Rostad, Percussion Trio
-Lilli Carlson/Alyssa Rostad/Ben Beckman, Percussion Trio
-Amber Chapel/Sophia Stilin/Ariel Scanlan, Clarinet Trio
-Ethan Papenfuss/Jason Hill/Hayley Carr/Brandon Grupe, Trumpet Quartet
-Lydia Thompson/Marissa Kennedy/Becca Lee/Kloey Jacobs/MacKenzie Dankers, Flute Ensemble

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