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Courage Retreat
7th Grade Students Attend Courage Retreat

On Wednesday, April 6th, Houston High School and Spring Grove 7th grade students gathered for a fun-filled, high-energy, life-changing Courage Retreat by Youth Frontiers. Throughout the day, the room was filled with dancing, cheering and even some tears.
Students were led by junior/senior leaders and staff members, along with group facilitators, in order to reach the culmination of developing an act of Courage by the end of the day.
Students learned about themselves, their classmates and the importance of following your heart when faced with difficult situations.
The purpose in holding the retreat was our schools belief that to do well in school, students need to be comfortable with who they are and feel physically and emotionally safe. Our goal is to create a safe and caring culture for all students. Following the retreat, students will be encouraged to follow through on their act of courage and will continue to revisit how we can continue to have courage in daily situations, big or small.

~submitted by 
Mrs. Crystal Sobotta, MS, NCC, School Counselor

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