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Abigail, MNVA Valedictorian, Excels at MNVA High School
Abigail, MNVA Valedictorian, Excels at MNVA High School
image credit Sun Post
[Note: All information in this article was taken from the Sun Post]
Abigail will graduate from Minnesota Virtual Academy this spring, she was chosen as MNVA’s Valedictorian and will speak at the commencement ceremony.  Not only will Abigail receive her high school diploma, she will also be finishing her second year of college!   “Minnesota Virtual Academy gave her the freedom to accomplish these goals,” said Jennifer Franz, Abigail’s mother. 
Abigail began attending MNVA in 7th grade after her mother heard about the online school from friends whose children were thriving in the MNVA environment.  “It was free and the curriculum was academically challenging and rigorous, so we decided to give it a try,” said Jennifer Franz.
Abigail has been taking both high school classes and PSEO college classes. “Minnesota Virtual Academy totally prepared Abigail for her PSEO classes,” Jennifer Franz said. “Their online format and structure has carried over with her to her online college classes.
Abigail says, “Flexibility is definitely a benefit (to attending an online school), as is the freedom to spend as much or as little time on a subject as I need.” “One of the challenges is feeling connected, although taking honors classes with around 12 other dedicated students really helped. The teachers were great and made learning fun.”


"Here at MNVA, we’ve always known Abigail is an incredible student. Now, we’re thrilled to see our valedictorian receive some public acclaim in her community! See what’s being said about our award-winning senior and read up on her accomplishments in this recent article from the Sun Post. We wish all the best to Abigail as she ends her time with MNVA and moves on to the U of M!" - Justin Treptow, MNVA High School Principal

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