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Community Immersion Day at HHS
Community Immersion Day at HHS
This past Friday, May 20, grades 7 to 12 at Houston High School immersed themselves into the community.  As an element of PBIS, the high school students and staff were stationed around town cleaning, preparing for the Triathlon, and beautifying the community.
  • The seventh grade assisted at the high school by planting flowers, cleaning bleachers, cleaning dugouts, and picking up trash.  
  • The eighth grade picked up the city park, did some roadside cleanup, and helped at the library.  
  • The freshman headed to the community garden, nature center, and natural playground where they did some weeding, mulching, and painting.  
  • The bike trail and nursing home were tended to by the sophomores; they picked up trash, swept, and pulled weeds.  
  • At the community center and city hall the juniors washed blinds, window, and floors.  
  • Finally, the seniors helped pull weeds and helped set up for the Root River Triathlon.
All in all, we hope that the Community Project day was a success.  Our main goals were to show the student body that a community cannot run without volunteers, that they should get a good feeling knowing they have helped in some way, and we hoped to put a bright sparkle on our town of Houston.  Thank you to everyone who helped make the day a success by providing places our students could work, ideas on what needed to be done, and supplies the students needed to do their assigned tasks.  
"What a wonderful activity to teach our students both citizenship and volunteerism! The HHS PBIS team really needs commendation for their planning and being the creative force behind this endeavor." - Superintendent Krin Abraham

This school year the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team and HHS staff have been working on ways to show respect.  Each month a different topic has been addressed.  
  •  In September, we started by showing respect in our hallways by picking up trash, shutting lockers carefully, and monitoring disruptive behaviors.  
  • We looked to respected peers during October by helping with homework, giving compliments, or encouraging peers to join activities or sports.  
  • During November students were supposed to look for ways to show respect during lunchtime, and they came up with ideas such as say please and thank you, wait your turn in the lunch line, and clean up after themselves.  
  • Events and assemblies were the focus for December in hopes to get students participating in pep fest and positively cheering at games.  
  • In January we switched our attention to the classroom where students suggested ideas such as completing homework, bringing needed materials to class, and raising hands when help is needed.  
  • We took a look at ways to respect school property during the month of February where students submitted pictures while respectfully turning in their chrome books, cleaning up garbage, or covering their books.  
  • During March, students found ways to show respect to the staff by coming up with a top ten list where they included such things as offer to help, do what one is asked to do without talking back, step up by being friendly with a kind, “Hello” or “I appreciate you.”  
  • When April came around, we looked at ways to respect the student body.  Each 3rd hour class was given another 3rd hour class to do something nice; there were locker signs made, treats exchanged, and kind words spoken.  
After showing respect to many different areas and people, the last group we wanted to respect was the community, which is how the Community Project day came to be.

~ submitted by Erica Upton

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