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Veterans Day Ceremony at Houston Elementary School
Houston Public Schools Pay Honor to our Veterans

Image - Thank You, VeteransThe annual Veteran’s Day Program was held at Houston Elementary School on Friday, November 11th in the Elementary Gym. All Veterans, active service members, and community members were invited to attend this meaningful celebration to honor those who have served our country. 

Veterans and active service members were dressed in uniform and sat in the front of the gymnasium as they were honored by a program filled with recognition, remembrance, student-written poems, songs, and sincere, heartfelt thanks.  After the ceremony
our veterans and active service members were invited to have lunch at the high school.  It was a great opportunity for our students and service members to get to know one another!

Please take a moment to read the lovely poems and view pictures of this occasion.

Thank You Soldier
By: Lilly Carr
I don’t know your name
Or in which battle you died
I don’t know your home 
Or the tears that were cried
I don’t know where you lay
Or the promises that were broken
I don’t know your uniform 
Or the fears that were unspoken
But I do know that you were a brave, courageous soldier
That sacrificed your life 
For the red, white, and blue
Thank you soldier, thank you
  My Hero
By: Priya Kingsley
You are my hero, very brave
All of our lives, you work to save
You could be young, you could be old
But you will always be very bold
You seem so strong, like a superhuman
But you are just like us, men and women
I am still here, I am okay
And I owe it to you this
Veterans Day

Honoring Our Veterans - November 11, 2016
image: group of students with Veterans

Songs of Honor
image: students singing Purple Heart

Poems of Honor
image: student at podium reciting poem

Quilts of Honor
image: quilt of honor presented to Veteran


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