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One Act Play Comedy - Cheating Death
One Act Play Comedy - Cheating Death - Friday, January 27

This Friday night, January 27th, the Houston Drama Department is proud to present a Play in One-Act, Cheating Deatha comedy written by Kamron Klitgaard.
     -  The curtains open on the Houston Elementary School stage at 7:30 PM.
     -  Admission is $1.00. 
     -  Free-will donations will be received for desserts.

When the Angel of Death visits a mental hospital to collect someone on his list, he accidentally reveals himself to the wrong person.  After struggling to convince the patients of his identity, Death attempts to correct his potentially fatal mistake and demands to know which one of them is actually the one he came for.  But the patients refuse to give up their friend’s true identity, even after Death insists that if he doesn’t perform the touch of death within the allotted time, the consequences could be disastrous.  Death must resort to drastic measures and even joins the group session in order to win this deadly battle of wits." [source]  

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