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Shelley Jerviss Elected i.t.a. Foundation President
Shelley Jerviss Elected i.t.a. Foundation President
Shelley Jerviss, President i.t.a. Foundation

Shelley Jerviss, a teacher at Houston Public Schools, was elected President of the i.t.a. (Initial Teaching Alphabet) Foundation in New York City on March 6, 2017.  The mission statement for the i.t.a. Foundation is to "promote literacy by providing independent funding for the development and dissemination of best teaching practices in the use and support of the Initial Teaching Alphabet (i.t.a.)"

Shelley has been associated with the i.t.a. Foundation since 1994 when she was part of a team that brought the program to Houston High School. After teaching in the program at the high school level for several years and then bringing it to the elementary school and Summit Learning Center, Shelley joined the Board of Directors for the i.t.a. Foundation in 2001.

Since then she has become a trainer for the Foundation, going to other schools and training staff in districts that have implemented the i.t.a. Program.


Working with students to improve their literacy skills has been a passion of mine ever since I taught elementary school in Houston, and another goal of mine has always been to instill the love of reading in my students.” ~ Shelley Jerviss
Congratulations Shelley!  Thank you for 20+ years of dedication to the i.t.a. Program at Houston Public Schools.

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