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HHS Sophomore Arianna wins 2017 Visual Arts Award
HHS Sophomore Arianna Wins 2017 Visual Arts Award
The 2017 MN State High School League Subsection Visual Arts Exhibition was held at Century High School in Rochester, MN on Saturday, April 22, 2017.  Houston High School sophomore Arianna (Ari), earned a Superior award.

Following is Ari's Artist Statement - a requirement of the competition:
“For my art history pot in ceramics I was inspired by a painting by the Artist Henri Rousseau. The different colors, shapes, and styles he used in this specific painting were very eye catching to me. The landscape of this painting really focused on how nature can be so beautiful.
I created this work by hand sculpting the base of the pot with white clay then mixing and experimenting with several different kinds of glazes to get my desired colors. One of my favorite parts of this piece is how the flowers and leaves blend together in the scene around the pot. Another one of my favorite parts is how there are many different shades of greens in the leaves and flower stems. Overall I am very happy with how the piece turned out.”
              Ari's Visual Arts SUPERIOR award entry                                             Ari's Inspiration Painting by Henri Rousseau  [source]

Under the direction of Art Teacher Deb Sobeck, Houston High School art students submitted seven projects to the Subsection Visual Arts Exhibition.  Of these projects, one earned a Superior rating and five earned Excellent ratings.
Earning Excellent ratings were: Hannah, Colin, Dillan, and Evan (not pictured, Mikayla Scheck)
Thoughts from Mrs. Sobeck
~ "I am really proud of Ari.  She works really hard and is a positive force in our class. She is a deserving recipient of this award."

~ “The other students did an outstanding job with the artworks they submitted and should take pride in their high ratings.”

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