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Lisa Myran-Schutte Earns Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA) Certification
Lisa Myran-Schutte Earns Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA) Certification

Lisa Myran-Schutte has earned the certification of National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA). This purpose of this certification is to recognize the recipient’s high professional standards and commitment to the profession.

The NIAAA Certified Athletic Administrator (CAA) Program was implemented in 1989. Since then, approximately 2000 athletic administrators have received the CAA distinction.

The requirements for CAA certification are rigorous. The NIAAA requires the applicant to exhibit credits in the categories of education, experience, and leadership. If the credits are approved, the CAA applicant’s final step is to correctly answer at least 75 of 100 multiple-choice questions covering a broad spectrum of topics relevant to secondary school athletic administration.  Listed below are some of Lisa’s many qualifications.

EDUCATION - Master's Degree
- Region 1A AD Meeting
- MNIAAA State Conference
- SEC Conference Meetings
- NIAAA course: Guiding Foundations and Philosophies
- NIAAA course: Legal Issues - Liability for Sports Injuries & Risk Management
- NIAAA course:  Legal Issues II - Title IX & Sexual Harassment

EXPERIENCE - Head Coach: volleyball
- Head Coach and Assistant Coach: basketball
- Activities Director
- MSHSL AD Advisory Committee

LEADERSHIP - Region 1A Activities Director Association
- Female Representative: MSHSL AD Advisory
- Secretary/Treasurer: Region 1A Activities Director Association
- Coordinator: Interscholastic Athletic Events

When asked what prompted her to apply for, test and ultimately earn the CAA certification, Lisa replied, “I wanted to become more involved in my association and since I had been taking classes, this was just the natural next step and another way to continue my life-long learning.”

As the NIAAA states, “[The CAA] certainly has helped to further recognize and even to elevate the status of the professional interscholastic athletic administrator.”  Houston Public Schools thanks Lisa for her professionalism, her many contributions and achievements on the court, in the district, and in the classroom.

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