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7th Grade Students Attend Courage Retreat
On Wednesday, April 6th, Houston High School and Spring Grove 7th grade students gathered for a fun-filled, high-energy, life-changing Courage Retreat by Youth Frontiers. Throughout the day, the room was filled with dancing, cheering and even some tears.
Students were led by junior/senior leaders and staff members, along with group facilitators, in order to reach the culmination of developing an act of Courage by the end of the day.
Students learned about themselves, their classmates and the importance of following your heart when faced with difficult situations.
The purpose in holding the retreat was our schools belief that to do well in school, students need to be comfortable with who they are and feel physically and emotionally safe. Our goal is to create a safe and caring culture for all students. Following the retreat, students will be encouraged to follow through on their act of courage and will continue to revisit how we can continue to have courage in daily situations, big or small.  
see full article   
~submitted by Mrs. Crystal Sobotta, MS, NCC, School Counselor  
HHS Choir Members Excel at Solo and Ensemble Contest
The Vocal results from the Solo and Ensemble Contest held Thursday, April 14 at Rushford-Peterson High School are as follows:

Superior ratings:
Solos: Maria Esch, Kenzie Dankers, Ben Goetting*, Hayley Carr, Bree Jore, Brandon Grupe, Brynne Schultz, Lilli Carlson
Duets: Maria Esch & Lilli Carlson, Ben Goetting* & Jack Woxland*
Trio: Ben Goetting, Andie Boelter, and Kenzie Dankers

* Earned a perfect score of 40: Ben Goetting, solo, and Jack Woxland & Ben Goetting, duet. Jack and Ben also earned “Best in Site" for their duet (Best in Site is the best performance of the site where they performed.) 
Excellent ratings:
Solo: Noah Carlson
Duet: Brynne Schultz & Kenzie Dankers

Good ratings:
Solo: Brandon Chapel
Duet: Damon Carrier & Brandon Chapel

Other Accolades: 
- Noah Carlson accompanied four events
HHS Band Members Excel at the Section 1A Solo and Ensemble Contest
The HHS Band did very well at the Section 1A Solo and Ensemble Contest held Thursday, April 14 at Rushford-Peterson High School. The students received 7 Superior Ratings and 10 Excellent ratings. Students are scored on a 40 point scale and they need to get 35 or higher to receive a Superior. Excellent ratings are for scores of 28 – 34.
Receiving Superiors were:
-Kelly Jerviss, French Horn Solo          -Justin Cripps, Trombone Solo
-Micah Schutte, Trombone Solo           -Amber Chapel, Clarinet Solo
-Noah Carlson, Tympani Solo               -Kelly Jerviss & Jessica Kitching, French Horn Duet
-Nick Erickson & Noah Carlson, Percussion Duet

Earning Excellents were:
-Brandon Grupe, Trumpet Solo                     -Maria Esch, Tenor Sax Solo
-Alicia Smith, Flute Solo                            -Morgan Beckman, Oboe Solo
-Gretchen Hill & Kate Thompson, Flute Duet
-Brynne Schultz/Lilli Carlson/Alyssa Rostad, Percussion Trio
-Lilli Carlson/Alyssa Rostad/Ben Beckman, Percussion Trio
-Amber Chapel/Sophia Stilin/Ariel Scanlan, Clarinet Trio
-Ethan Papenfuss/Jason Hill/Hayley Carr/Brandon Grupe, Trumpet Quartet
-Lydia Thompson/Marissa Kennedy/Becca Lee/Kloey Jacobs/MacKenzie Dankers, Flute Ensemble
Elise - Summit Learning Center's Student of the Month for March
Elise, daughter of Heide and Chad Walters, is Summit Learning Center's March Student of the Month. Elise's favorite activities include being with family and friends and being outside. Her favorite class is Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and what she likes  best about being at Summit is "My Teachers." Future plans are to graduate this year and then start at Western Technical College for an Agri Business degree. Ms. Jerviss says, "Elise is a super motivated student, with a positive attitude and a joy to have around.

Best wishes, Elise, in your future endeavors.
The i.t.a. Program at Houston Public Schools
Submitted by Ms. Shelley Jerviss

Did you know that the sound of K has six different spellings? For example:   bla
ckcook, sarcastic, cabbage, kid, chaos
This is why spelling can be so challenging for some students. This is where i.t.a. can help!
Who uses the i.t.a. Program at Houston Public Schools?
The i.t.a. Program
 is provided to our school in grades K-12 through grants written to the i.t.a. Foundation.
What is the initial teaching alphabet (i.t.a.)?
The initial teaching alphabet (i.t.a.) is a phonemic alphabet that represents the 44  sounds of spoken English. It was designed to give beginning readers a logical and reliable reading and writing system. [read full article]  
March Fun at ECFE and Houston PreSchool
‚ÄčHappy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
ECFE and Public Health joined together to host a story time on March 7, 2016 in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

Cat in the Hat, (Liz from the library) was the special visitor.  The kids and parents were able to help make a memory game to play as a group, participate in and listen to many Dr. Seuss stories, dance the Seussy Pokey while The Cat in the Hat played the ukulele, and make a snack called Schloop. Each child was able to pick out a free book to keep at home. It was a huge success with 17 families in attendance!

~ submitted by Mrs. Jamie Woodard (Preschool Teacher/Parent Educator/ECFE & School Readiness Coordinator)
Click here to see more March fun and more PreSchool pictures
Houston High School Career Day ~ A Huge Success!

On Friday, March 18th, Houston High School hosted a Career Day for all students in grades 7-12. Career Day included keynote speakers and over 30 career sessions presented by professionals in our community (listed below).  Thanks go to Mrs. Sobotta, Mrs. Schoh, Mr. Gatzlaff, Mr. Koehler, and Mr. Lundberg for all of their work to make this a meaningful event for HHS students.  

We hope the Career Day will help students better visualize their future and apply their day-to-day school life to a future career. It is one thing to hear about college and careers from teachers and counselors, it is another to hear from someone directly in the field they are interested in. 
Mrs. Crystal Sobotta, MS, NCC, School Counselor
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