MMEA’s All-State is considered the top program of its kind across the nation that helps develop high school musicians and school music programs. The All-State program supports secondary school music ensembles, MMEA members and members’ students. Students in high school bands, choir, and orchestras audition for an All-State spot in April. Judges listen to the students, evaluating them on their overall musicianship and technique. In mid-May, the MMEA All-State Committee choose the final rosters considering scores and MMEA’s placement policies. 565 students are selected for the seven All-State Groups. 

Students attend camp in August where they meet their guest conductor and attend long hours of rehearsals and sectionals. Although the major focus during the summer camp is developing advanced technique and making music, a full schedule of recreation and social activities gives the students an opportunity to relax and develop new friendships. The August concert is the result of great dedication and commitment by some of the most talented young musicians in Minnesota. All of the young musicians meet again in February to perform at Orchestra Hall as part of the MMEA Midwinter Clinic.

Houston Band Member Andon Storey has been chosen for the 2021-2022 Minnesota All-State Band. Andon, a junior Trumpet player, has been selected to participate in the All-State Camp in August and perform during the Minnesota Music Educators Winter Clinic in February in Minneapolis. Andon received two perfect scores at Solo and Ensemble this year. One for his solo and one on a duet with senior Katie Bartz. Congratulations Andon!