College Entrance Information

Below is a summary of the college requirements of 2 and 4 year colleges. Please keep in mind, these are general requirements and each college may vary.

College Admission Guidelines
As you make your high school course selections, consider the following required preparation requirements for a 2-year technical/community college or 4- year university, along with the average profile of an accepted student at a competitive 4-year college or university.

Required preparation for a MN Technical or Community College:
(Example: Southeast Technical College-Winona, Rochester Community & Technical College (RCTC))

  • High School diploma

  • Often specific programs have specific criteria that you must meet to be accepted to a program. Please check with the specific college or program for this information.

NOTE: Most healthcare training programs such as nursing or veterinary technician, require Chemistry in high school.

Required preparation for a MN State University:
(Example: Winona State University, Mankato State University)

  • 4 Years of English, including composition and literature.

  • 3 Years of Math, including 2 years of algebra, one of which is intermediate or advanced algebra and one year of geometry

  • 3 Years of Science including one year each of a biological and a physical science with lab experience

  • 3 Years of Social Studies, including one year each of US History and Geography

  • 2 Years of a single world language, including non-English native languages and American Sign Language

  • 1 Year of arts (visual arts and performing arts of theater, music, dance and media arts)

Average profile of admitted student to a selective college:
(Example: University of Wisconsin-Madison or University of Minnesota-Twin Cities)

  • 4 years English

  • 4 years mathematics

  • 4 years natural science

  • 4 years social science/history

  • 3 years foreign language

  • 2 years additional academic credits

Total = 21 credits

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