High School Curriculum

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Starting high school marks a time when most students feel a sense of, "I've made it." This is the turning point in their education where they build on previously learned theories, concepts, and processes, and begin to draw their own conclusions and chart a course for their future.

In high school, students begin to identify the curriculum that interests them. To build that groundwork and nurture those passions, your student needs an environment that will foster hands-on, exploratory, and creative learning in a setting that prioritizes their individual learning style.

K12-powered online high schools provide courses that are designed to help each student find what interests them and follow that path through to post-graduation success in the workforce or in college. These schools work to meet the needs of diverse learners, and offer high school programs at varying levels: core, comprehensive, remediation, honors, and Advanced Placement®.

PLEASE NOTE: Course list varies and is subject to change.