Online Education

Program Overview

The Minnesota Virtual Academy (MNVA) is a tuition free, K-12 Minnesota online public school. Our experience, as well as a wealth of research, shows that parental involvement is a critical component to student achievement. MNVA makes it easy to become an active participant in your child’s public school education.

Our instructional model allows parents a unique opportunity to have direct access to all content and instruction within every classroom.  Our model is designed to create working partnerships among motivated parents and experienced, Minnesota licensed teachers using K12/Stride’s outstanding curriculum to provide a learning environment truly focused on the individual needs of your child.

Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum

K12/Stride’s world class curriculum is developed by some of the best minds in education. The effective, engaging, and content-rich curriculum meets or exceeds Minnesota standards.  It is created to foster curiosity, develop a love for learning and expand your child’s knowledge across core concepts and essential skills.

The online school is designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles and allows students to work at their own pace.  Our staff will work with you to determine how our unique curriculum and instructional model will help your child to succeed.

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Our Instruction

Our Instruction

Lessons come alive with a rich mixture of online and hands-on experiences including interactive animations, printed books with beautiful illustrations, original music and videos and materials for hands-on experiments. 

In addition to our online lessons, our state-certified teachers provide live, synchronous instructional sessions.  These sessions are designed to provide instruction or guided practice in key content standards at each grade level.  The “live lessons” are offered as a means to provide a community of learners (at the same academic level) the opportunity to dig deeper into content, focus on particular academic skills, or to simply apply learned academic skills in new and exciting ways. 

Lessons are followed by formal and informal assessments so you can be assured your child has mastered all critical concepts before moving on.