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End of Year Calendar Change

At the May 20 meeting, the Houston School Board voted
to modify the current calendar for June 2. June 2 will now be
a full day of in-person classes for all Houston Elementary and
High School students. June 3 will remain a half day (morning)
in-person instructional day.

Vaccine Availability
Even though Houston County does not have availability
to supply the Pfizer COVID vaccine, other locations in
Houston County or surrounding counties do. If you are
over 11 and would like to receive a COVID vaccine,
please access one of the locations below:

Sterling Pharmacy- Please call Pharmacy to get on list.

Caledonia – 507-725-3328 (Caledonia is scheduling for 5/21).

Spring Grove – 507-498-5509

La Crescent – 507-895-8784

Gundersen Health System 

Patients under age 18 need a parent or guardian consent in person
(walk-ins are available at select Gundersen locations) or by calling the
Gundersen scheduling line at (608) 775-6829.

Walk-in vaccine appointments are available at the Gundersen Onalaska
Clinic 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Walk-in appointments
are also available at select Gundersen regional locations. 
Call a Gundersen vaccine location for availability.

Mayo Clinic 

If you are not a Mayo Clinic Health System patient currently or do not
have access to Patient Online Services, call 608-392-7400 to schedule
a vaccine appointment.

La Crosse Vaccination Clinic:
1–5 p.m. weekdays
Former Occupational Health Building, 10th and Market streets. 

Get directions.

Children under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by a
parent or guardian to their appointment to provide consent for
the vaccination. Alternatively, the child can bring a signed 
consent form 
completed by their parent or guardian. In the “Limitations” box on
the form, please write “Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine.”

Mask Guidance

According to MDE, "Through the end of the 2020-21 school year
(last teachercontact day), masks must continue to be worn by
everyone inside school buildings or on a school bus.”

Our last teacher contract day is June 4; therefore, masks will
be required for all individuals in the buildings and on buses
through June 4.

Hurricane Sports & Activities Live Stream Links:

JV/V Girls Athletics Link: 

JrH Girls Athletics Link:

JV/V Boys Athletics Link:

JrH Boys Athletics Link:

General Hurricane Activities Link:


Girls' Basketball State Participants!


Hybrid Model Status: We are back!

This tool will indicate when the current learning model might need
to change.
Green indicates no change; yellow indicates a change
might be needed; red indicates a change will be made. The lights will
remain red as long as we are in Distance Learning.

Following the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) guidance, Houston Public Schools
will take into account not only the county-level case data when determining learning
models, but also the number of confirmed cases, quarantines, and close contacts in
our school community, each school building within our district, and other data such
as individuals with influenza-like illness. This is what MDE is calling the “scalpel approach.”
This approach allows school districts and charter schools within the same county to have
different learning models. This scalpel approach is why some school districts that have
high county-level case data are still operating in an in-person or hybrid learning model.
Houston Public Schools will make decisions on the learning model based on all these
data points, keeping the education and safety of our students at the forefront of all

Important Announcement Regarding FREE Meals

Due to a waiver extension by the USDA, Houston Public Schools finally
received notification that we are able to offer meals (breakfast and lunch)
FREE of charge to ALL our students, whether or not they qualify for free-
or reduced-priced meals. This waiver only goes through June 30,2021,
but is retroactive to the first day of school. The waiver does not apply to the
snack milk program at Houston Elementary and Preschools.

It is still extremely important that families complete the Application for
Educational Benefits now or before the December 15, 2020 deadline. Our
school and students benefit from the funding we receive.


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Award Winning Houston Dance Team

306 West Elm Street
Houston, MN 55943
507-896-5323, option 5

402 S. Grant Street
Houston, MN 55943
507-896-5323, option 8

310 S. Sherman Street
Houston, MN 55943
507-896-5323, option 2

306 West Elm Street
Houston, MN 55943
507-896-5323, option 6

306 West Elm Street
Houston, MN 55943
507-896-5323, option 1
image: news logo  Current News at Houston Public School


Houston Public School District ranked one of the Best School Districts in America

Houston Public School District has been ranked one of the best school districts in America.  Our district is ranked #362 nationwide and #15 in the state of Minnesota. The article below from explains the factors used in this ranking.

"Ensuring that their children receive a good education is something few American parents are willing to compromise on. Since most cannot afford private schooling, families strive to place their kids in the best public school districts that their financial situation will allow.

While the debate over the importance and degree of funding necessary in delivering an excellent education has gone on for decades, nearly all experts agree that money is important. The schools that perform the best have plenty of it, and those that don’t typically under-perform in key areas. Revenue taken in by school districts is used to keep resources and curriculums up to date and allow schools to hire the best teachers available as faculty. There’s really no substitute for good funding.

Obviously another key factor in judging the value of a school district is the student body’s overall performance in math and reading tests. Enrolling your child in a school where students perform well on tests and get good grades will increase his or her own achievement through osmosis. Children and teenagers are highly influenced by their peer groups and competition between students to achieve top marks can be a very good thing.

Two intertwined criteria that also play an important role in a school district’s overall quality are dropout rate and poverty rate. Nobody wants their child to drop out of high school as it has been demonstrated that high school dropouts earn 200,000 less on average over their lifetimes than those who received a high school diploma. A school with a high dropout rate is not a place parents want to send their children.

Unfortunately, dropout rate is often linked to the level of poverty experienced by students in a given school district. Even if a school receives in a decent amount of funding, students can still struggle with test scores and grades if they experience a significant amount of poverty in their lives. While schools may provide adequate textbooks and other learning materials, poorer students are often deprived of basic needs such as proper nutrition and domestic stability that are essential to fostering positive academic performance. That is why poverty rate is also a determining factor in our ranking." [source:]

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