About Summit

The Summit Learning Center is a proud component of Houston Public Schools.  The Center has experienced outstanding success meeting the educational, social, and personal needs of many at-risk students. Since its inception in 1999, the Summit Learning Center has worked with approximately 250 students from Houston and surrounding school districts.

The unique style and combination of individualized instruction, positive reinforcement, low student-to-teacher ratio and compassionate staff provide a motivational setting for all students. The family-like atmosphere fosters values such as mutual respect, dedication to academics, personal responsibility, and positive self-esteem. The Summit Learning Center's attendance and graduation rate is among the highest in the state of Minnesota for alternative education programs. 

Part of the Summit Learning Center’s Mission is to provide a learning environment where students can strive for their personal academic success. Since the state of Minnesota has implemented the state writing test, the Center’s students have performed exceedingly well, with 100% of our students passing the test the first time they take it. Students graduating from the Center are tested for reading levels with tests that assess comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, writing, word recognition, and spelling.  Students are tested at the beginning of the year and at the end with results indicating that 99 percent of the students obtain skills at or above the 12th grade level when they graduate. 

The Center presently offers over 57 academic courses including hands-on courses building life-long skills. Field trips are also an important part of the Center’s curriculum with trips to the county court house, local vocational schools, and team building centers.

The mission of the Summit Learning Center is to provide a positive learning environment that is tailored to the individual student’s needs where they may achieve academic success and positive personal growth.