Free and Reduced Meal Program Application

The FARM (Free and Reduced Meals) program benefits both families and their children’s schools: 

  • Families qualifying for free lunches save over $426 per high school student and almost $383 per elementary student every year.

  • A family that qualifies for reduced-cost lunches can save nearly $357 per high school student and over $313 per elementary student.

  • Families qualifying for free OR reduced-cost lunches receive FREE school breakfast (a yearly savings of $348 per high school student and nearly $305 per elementary student).

  • For each student qualifying for free and reduced meals, the school receives up to an extra $2000 in state and federal funding for general purposes.

  • In addition, each qualifying student also brings in even greater funding for math and reading education as well as additional funding for technology resources.

  • Information regarding family income is kept strictly confidential and is only used for the purposes of state reporting.

  • The application is available from the school’s website or from any of the school’s offices.

The application is available below. You may also pick up an application from any of the school offices.

2021-2022 Application for Meal Benefits