Thank you Staff

March 4 is National Maintenance Worker Appreciation Day. We are so very grateful for all of our maintenance and custodial staff here at Houston Public Schools. See below what our staff had to say about our wonderful crew!

We are so blessed to have such a dedicated maintenance/ custodial staff. They keep our school clean, operating smoothly, and a safe place for students and staff. They are the ones that keep our school running smoothly.

Our maintenance and custodial staff at Houston are amazing! I am grateful for all that they do to make our schools great places to teach and learn.

I really appreciate the custodians keeping the sidewalks and staff parking lot clear so we can all get to the door safely and slowly, doing the "penguin walk". The help we get when moving anything heavy or putting furniture together is much appreciated!! They are an important puzzle piece to complete the picture of HHS.

They are fantastic! They are always helpful with any issues we may have, and great at what they do day in and day out!!

Steve Sires and Steve Walters are always willing to help with my last minute requests and are always cheerful and helpful.

We are very lucky to have the custodial staff we have. The buildings always look so nice! They are always willing to help when asked. Thank you all so much!!

I appreciate Kathy's positive attitude, the way she connects with the students, and how she's willing to go the extra mile".  I appreciate Perry's willingness to help, his creativity when it comes to solving problems, and his strong work ethic.

Steve S, Kathy and Steve W: Thanks for all the hard work that you do for our school and making sure everything is in order and that the boilers are running so we don't freeze. You are appreciated more than you know!! Thank you for always putting the students first, and always having a positive attitude no matter what, even when you have to clean up after the never ending accidents! You are appreciated more than you know!! Thanks for all the work you do to make sure that the buses are in top condition to get our students to and from school safely. Thanks for all the hard work that you do for our school. You are appreciated more than you know!!

Kathy never complains about what she might need to do. Her trademark phrase is, "Job security!

Perry does such a nice job clearing our rooms and is so accommodating when we have a special request or need help with something. Kathy is amazing to work with. She is always smiling and so very helpful. She is really good with the kids. She knows all of them by name, takes an interest in their lives, and keeps them in line when needed.

Kathy is wonderful at building relationships with our students!

Perry is very helpful!  He takes the time to ask if there is anything we need.  He quickly and skillfully takes care of anything that needs fixing.

Kathy is always SO willing to do anything we ask of her, whether it is making popcorn for a classroom party, cleaning up things that nobody else is willing to clean!  She is always there to make me laugh.  

Perry is always there with a smile and is willing to help out with whatever we need. 

Steve is not seen at our building too often, but I truly appreciate all he does for our district.  I know he wears a lot of hats and I am thankful he is part of our district to keep things running smoothly.